Neo-Liberals with no vision

There’s an Observer article published today, written by a ‘journalist’. ‘Journalists’ are a new job type, which rose in popularity during our IndyRef last year. They are usually journalists from the Westminster village, who unwittingly adopt the apostrophes when they venture across the border to ‘report’ on Scottish ‘politics’.  I’m not going to labour (sic) the point. Just refer to the Torygraph from last week and BBC’s Nick Robinson during the referendum. 

The premise of the ‘article’ was that Christine Jardines liberals have unhatched a cunning plan to unseat (the unsitting) Alex Salmond in Gordon. She has, from his canditure announcement, called for everyone to not vote for Alex Salmond. Selflessly, she has turned over her spot on the voting slip for these protests to be counted.

Regrettably, the liberals in Gordon are not unique. Almost every Liberal election leaflet I’ve ever seen has a ‘two horse’ graphic. Divide and be less unpopular than the other guy. What vision! What aspiration!

And in 2015, leaflets are landing from the post throughout Scotland, urging The voters not to vote xxxxx (insert either Tory or Labour) because that will let SNP in, and Salmond/Milliband in number 10. The Irony, they hope, is lost on absolutely everybody. Clegg pulled his party to let Cameron and Osbourne into government.

So Liberals will tell any ‘journo’ who’ll listen that they are pooling the Unionist vote to beat Salmond. Ms Jardine alone represents the silent majority of Unionist. The article fails to press Ms Jardine on whether she is a Unionist. The article fails on many points, mainly balance.


 Some Lab or Tory voters may be turning to the LD’s, but at the other side of the account, once liberals are moving over to the SNP because of the liberal leadership sell out to ‘neo-liberalism’, which has nothing to do with the party of Grimmond and Lloyd-George.

When policies are challenged, rather than rhetoric, the graphic above shows the Liberals to be rather less popular.

LD’s are not espousing a vision, rather an option to be neither Tory or Labour. Pathetic. Tactical voting is exactly that, and a personal decision. Sad that it’s been turned into a campaign form by CJ and others. ‘None of the Above’, or ‘Reopen Nominations’ would be a little more honourable, but CJ and co know that would be ‘suicide’ in 1st-past-the-post system.

No longer any honour with the liberals. They are no better that Tory/Lab, just poorer at it. Shame.


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