As the time for Scotland to decide draws near, I think the best way to share my thoughts at this busy time would be through a few shorter posts. This first instalment was posted on a friends Facebook thread after she cried out to her community for advice on how to vote next Thursday as she was torn between both her Scottish pride and Britishness. Among a excellent array of around 90 comments in 4 hours, I chipped in with this.

Voting Yes

It’s time to take the power of our country and use it’s resources for our people.

If we decide that education and health, free at the point of use, is important, then we can deliver that.

If we believe a conventional, skilled, well resourced defence force is our priority, vessels ready to patrol our shores but Trident out of the Clyde and off our balance sheet, we will deliver that.

The cultural verve and excitement around this referendum matches the groundswell of engagement with the campaigns. Everyone can and is expressing their opinion. YES gives the promise to unleash that energy to build a better nation.

This is the most exciting and unique of times. We will never regret grasping this opportunity. All we need to do is finally believe in ourselves.



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