It’s September and the temperature is rising. Sometimes with more heat than light, the referendum campaign is building up to a crescendo on September 18th when Scots of all hues, shapes, colours, backgrounds and nationalities decide the path for the future of this nation.

In the next 18 days, a lot will be thrown at you. All with the express desire of shaking your resolve to deliver a fair, just and progressive Scotland. A barrage of threats, taunts, fears, concerns, love bombs and goodness knows what else to make sure just enough of us don’t vote Yes. It will be broadly led by the Tories ( you’ll recognise their Modus Operandi), but with some supporting voices, or silence, from Labour’s finest. Need examples?

· Terror threat rating raised (much to the astonishment of LibDem coalition colleagues)

· Mock indignation over an egg on Jim Murphy’s back (an egging, or shouting down a speaker is unacceptable, but never ‘sinister’ – neither could be more obvious!)

· BNP megaphone democracy in Glasgow (backed up with a heavy boot!)

· Lies – BT leaflet still saying Scotland can’t use the £

· Lies – BT claims NHS funding is completely devolved

· Lies – BT insist Scotland would be outside Europe

· Local – Yes signs and posters attacked throughout the country.

· Division – meanwhile right wing Tories are stoking up split on Europe (seeing a UK without Scotland to be a better opportunity to vote out of EU)

All with the potential to both provoke and unsettle those looking to vote Yes on the 18th.

David Cameron popped into Scotland last week – but just to speak to the status quo committed CBI. No engagement with the people from NO then.

Instead, the No campaign appear to have sanctioned another UK leader to woo the Scottish voters for the Union. Come on in, Nigel Farage. (cue music from The A-Team) –

# If your campaign is under pressure, your campaign leader effectively neutralised in the last TV debate and the key arguments on currency and Europe crumbling, you want to put a loud, arrogant man centre stage. (seriously?)

# You want to send in someone who is the poster boy of the English right wing and who’s ‘values’, either spouted or slurped over a warm pint, are an absolute anathema to the core socially responsible majority among Scots voters.

No – absolutely not. Farage is not the answer to any question. If your purpose is to gain moral ground or win the argument. No, No, No. That would be an absolute disaster. Unless…

People won’t listen to him – that’s not what Farage is for! You know he will provoke distain. He will provoke derision, then complain bitterly about a ‘sinister’ crowd (aka Jim Murphy). And if he doesn’t inflame the mood enough to provoke violence, an angry crowd still provides ample cover for a violent reaction to be ‘injected’.

Come on! This is the British state. This is hardly beneath them. Listen to Craig Murray’s testimony, or Russell Brand – this British Democracy is not about the people, it’s all about interest. And don’t you get it Scots? They’re not interested in you!

But, we are at the beginning of a better nation. Let’s vote Yes and see our country flourish and grow. Grow into a voice among nations throughout the world. Flourish out of the shadow of the United Kingdom (how pompously she is named).

Don’t lose heart. Don’t lose faith. Don’t be distracted by the Shouty Thugs.

If you think Scotland would be a fairer country that we see just now, vote Yes
If you want Scots to have opportunities to stay and prosper in Scotland, vote Yes
If you want to see education still available to all in our society, vote Yes
If you want a National Health Service which is focussed on the health of our people, vote Yes
If you want a society that raises up the poor with the mandate from those who can afford it – not a society that looks after the rich at the expense of the poor, for god sake vote – vote Yes.

It’s social. It’s political. It’s democratic. It’s fair. It’s critical. Vote Yes.



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